Kiesza quotes and sayings

Musician | Born: January 16, 1989
Kiesza motivational quote : When I'm on a plane, I am the annoying person humming into my phone. Sitting there static with nothing to do, a lot of melodies come to me. So I've written a lot of songs on planes.
Kiesza motivational quote : It's hard to dance to really fast music. All you can do is pump your fist to it, and after a while, you're going to have a seizure.
Kiesza motivational quote : In the Navy, the path is paved for you. Your job is to be a soldier and fit in. As long as you stick to your place, it's actually really easy.
Kiesza motivational quote : Life experience brings out different emotions and different perspectives on things. I just want to be constantly evolving.
Kiesza motivational quote : From the age of three to 15, I wanted to be a ballerina and trained really, really hard. Then I had that classic movie story moment, where I had an injury and had to give up my dream.