T.I. quotes and sayings

Musician | Born: September 25, 1980
T.I. motivational quote : I wasn't nervous at all. I applied the same amount of efforts to the love scenes as I did to the skating and the acting and everything else.
T.I. motivational quote : Hawaii ain't a bad place to work.
T.I. motivational quote : The possibilities of success are limitless, as long as you're willing to put the work in.
T.I. motivational quote : We can no longer afford to be entertained beyond the point of accountability. We can't keep selling each other out and be willing to do anything to be seen, to be famous or to be rich.
T.I. motivational quote : I don't really like the sound of Auto-Tune. I don't like when it's extremely audible, when you're able to detect it easily. I don't like that.
T.I. motivational quote : I could see myself in the fur coats, turtleneck sweaters, with the Kangol hats like Slick Rick and Dana Dane. But I could also see myself in a leather Troop suit like LL Cool J.
T.I. motivational quote : I'm not as serious of a person as people make me out to be. Most people would think that I would be less successful in comedy, but I can crack a joke as well as anyone else.
T.I. motivational quote : I'm going to always rise above the doubt that may exist about me.
T.I. motivational quote : I regret my lack of options. I regret being painted into a corner and having that be the only instrument to get me from point A to point B.
T.I. motivational quote : I've learned that one thing about my life that is certain is trouble.
T.I. motivational quote : My fist so rocky and and wrist so icy, Might be, thrown off my rocker just slightly, Feisty, claiming hot temper don't ignite me, I'm only gonna ask ya find the exit once politely.
T.I. motivational quote : People are motivated when they see somebody else doing something.
T.I. motivational quote : God will take you through hell, just to get you to heaven.
T.I. motivational quote : I'm not going to do red jeans. No green jeans. I don't do Vans and that's the style right now. I don't want to show my socks when I'm wearing jeans.