Fitness quotes and sayings

Nick Kyrgios motivational quote : I was playing basketball at Lifetime Fitness every day for two hours. Like, I played an hour of basketball before I played David Ferrer in the semi-final. Nick Kyrgios
Thomas Rhett motivational quote : I haven't always been into fitness. But I noticed that when I'd be on stage playing a show, I could hardly make it through the fifth song without having to take a breather. Thomas Rhett
Aya Cash motivational quote : I think that it's a myth that there's one job that makes your whole career, unless you're winning an Oscar. But even that doesn't work for some people. Aya Cash
Rahul Dev motivational quote : My fitness approach and philosophy are based on day-to-day functionalities. These functions are bending, lifting, lunging, pulling, pushing and squatting. Rahul Dev
Mandy Rose motivational quote : My first love will always be fitness, so I want to share that with as many people as I can. Mandy Rose