Teacher quotes and sayings

Oscar Munoz motivational quote : I think we need to communicate more effectively how we treat you with respect and dignity as a customer. Oscar Munoz
Herm Edwards motivational quote : As a coach, you're like a teacher. You don't give the players their talent. God gives them talent, but you can give them knowledge, and you can give them information. Herm Edwards
Amy Chua motivational quote : The Chinese mom is not the helicopter mom. I would never do their homework for them. It's all about: Take responsibility, don't blame others. Be self-reliant. Never blame the teacher. Amy Chua
David Ige motivational quote : I believe that those closest to the children should be making the decisions about how funds should be spent, what the curriculum should look like, and what's the best way to help our students. David Ige
Greg Davies motivational quote : I wasn't a happy teacher, but I also wasn't an absolute psychopath like the teachers I portray on screen. Greg Davies