Wisdom quotes and sayings

Vikas Swarup motivational quote : Knowledge is not just the preserve of the educated elite. Just because someone has not had a formal education, that does not mean he does not have wisdom and common sense. Vikas Swarup
Joshua Foer motivational quote : Someday in the distant cyborg future, when our internal and external memories fully merge, we may come to possess infinite knowledge. But that's not the same thing as wisdom. Joshua Foer
Minna Antrim motivational quote : To know one's self is wisdom, but not to know one's neighbors is genius. Minna Antrim
Mason Cooley motivational quote : At sixty, I know little more about wisdom than I did at thirty, but I know a great deal more about folly. Mason Cooley
Aeschylus motivational quote : Memory is the mother of all wisdom. Aeschylus
Victor Hugo motivational quote : Habit is the nursery of errors. Victor Hugo